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What is Chemotherapy, its time interval?

  • This are a separate class of chemicals unlike the routinely heard of medicines.
  • Majority being Injections intravenous or intramuscular, some are oral tablets and few being topical creams.
  • Treatment options are decided as per the type of cancer (its histopathology), its stage, level of fitness of the patient, his comorbid illness Crucial is a careful meticulous & balance of Side effects and Benefits.
  • The time interval hence varies as per the regimen used.

Side Effects?

  • Grossly Chemotherapy drugs aren’t free from side effects but at the same time ALL drugs are not equally bothersome.
  • Adverse effects can be very nominal like nausea to really worrisome ones
  • Luckily with more refined drugs and better understanding we can predict the timings, severity in majority
  • With newer and better supportive medicines adverse effects can be well managed hence importance of timely reporting is crucial
  • An Oncologists Job STARTS after the chemotherapy is administered!!
  • We request NOT to compare as TWO cancers or TWO Treatments are NEVER SAME (even if it is about 2 cases of SAME CANCER)
  • Such questions are better answered by the experts!!

Special Devices

  • Many of the chemotherapy agents cause thrombophlebitis of the peripheral (hand) veins
  • In treatment plans when such drugs can’t be skipped or the regimen is a bit lengthy we prefer to use this special devices.
  • They are PORTS or Hickman Catheter’s or PICC line as used in Breast, Colon, Blood Cancer, certain Pediatric cancers and BMT.
  • Advantages being one time job making the IN access very simple painfree smooth which avoids any further pricing/poking!!
  • They merit proper handling and regular dressing which involves expertise to avoid extravasation and infections
  • We request NOT to compare as TWO cancers or TWO Treatments are NEVER SAME (even if it is about 2 cases of SAME CANCER)
  • Although these are a bit costly later we all realize and except that they prove to be very Cost effective!!

What is immunotherapy or Target therapy?

  • This is something really different!
  • Thanks to an extensive and ongoing research we are able to understand the biology of this devil in a better way.
  • Hence in certain Cancers Clever drugs/molecules have made a huge impact in patient care with NO/Nominal side effects and Better outcomes as these drugs aren’t blinded in their attack.
  • Whenever possible this drug’s should be given a thought!!
  • n the time to come we are sure that our armament will be rich with such TARGETTED Agents that will revolutionize the Cancer Treatment and Outcomes


  • Far better said than done
  • It's in a very simple way to replace the culprit bone marrow (the factory of production of blood and its elements) commonly in blood cancers and some immune/rare disorders with patients own or HLA Matched Donor
  • Actually quite a complicated procedure that deserves an EXPERT dedicated BMT TEAM
  • Remember it’s a PROCESS and NOT an EVENT!!